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About Us

Rusty and Tonya Rickard are the owners of Lakeside Home Watch & Property Solutions. They have life long ties to Shell Knob and have served the area is various capacities in public service and private business.

They found themselves doing things for friends and neighbors that were services provided by Home Watch businesses in other parts of the country. Knowing the need for these services, they started Lakeside Home Watch & Property Solutions.

“We are local, honest & trustworthy. We own our home and business here as well for many years. We are hardworking and know the area very well. If we can’t help you, we know who can.”

Rusty Rickard

Rusty has been a Shell Knob native for 39 years & is very well known in the community. At the age of 23 he became a business owner in the community and that business is still operational today.  He serves as the local Fire Chief, has held positions on multiple boards throughout the community and also has held an honorary reserve commission with the local Sheriff’s office.

“Being born & raised in this area gives me a wide knowledge combined with my nearly 25 years’ experience in the fire service. I found there was a serious need for a service not available in our area.  I heard friends & property owners saying things like “Can you keep an eye on my house while I’m away”, “We don’t know or trust the neighbors”, “I’m needing to find someone to mow my lawn” or “I’m worried about my house after that crazy storm last night” That is where we came in! We’ve created Lakeside Home Watch & Property Solutions and are filling the need of the weekenders & snowbirds, a peace of mind for vacationers & so much more.”

Tonya has lived in Shell Knob for nearly 20 years. Originally residing in Arkansas and moving all over the country as a military brat. She as well became a local business owner in the community at the age of 23.  She’s worked in customer service, accounting & bookkeeping as well as many years in local property management and restaurant services.  Tonya also has served many years as a volunteer emergency medical responder in the community.

“I’m excited to get this new business up & going. Many of our friends and family have been so supportive and encouraging along the way.  I feel my background in property management, customer service & business makes me a great fit for this new challenge.  We are happy to help in any way possible!”

Tonya Rickard