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Accredited members of the NHWA must pass a strict vetting process for consumer complaints or issues. They must carry the proper insurance (which is always available for review).  They must agree to uphold the highest ethics in the Home Watch industry.  Accredited members of the National Home Watch Association will always look out for the best interests of the Homeowner.

A variety of services based on your needs
Home Watch
Boat/dock watch

Home watch is the base of our company and a vital service for your unoccupied home. We can provide many options from a basic exterior only inspection to a full blown interior and exterior inspection package. You can trust your home is getting frequent visits from a professional who is looking out for you as well as any maintenance, security or other issues noticed.

We can monitor your boat and dock when you’re not at your lake home. Similar to some of our home watch services, we can check for signs of break in, theft or vandalism, verify security lighting is working properly, inspect for obvious insect infestation pests. If severe weather hits the area we can visit your dock to ensure there are no issues. If there is, we’ll notify you immediately before further damage is incurred.

Key Holder
Concierge Services

There are times someone may need to access your home and you are not available. If you have a fire alarm system, this becomes specifically important as most fire departments will enter your home when an alarm sounds, one way or another! No matter the situation, we can come let them in and stay while the individual is on the premises if necessary. Some examples include: hold key for an emergency while away, meet repairmen or contractors, mail items left behind, give access (Alarm, fire, police, maintenance/repair companies)

We are happy to provide concierge services to our home watch clients. Some of these services include but are not limited to: Grocery shop for items required for your return, Waiting Services (for service, repair, delivery, installation, etc.), Mail, Packages, Flyers removed from mailbox and front door, Forgotten Items & Mail Forwarding (to your current location), Trash & Recycling Bins Service (place bins out to curb for pick up or bring bins in), Auto Care (start, drive, battery maintainer, take vehicle to be washed/cleaned/service)

Emergency Services
Contractor/ Handyman Liaison

We are happy to provide emergency call outs and services to our home watch clients.  Some of these services include but are not limited to: Inspecting the property after severe storms, Take photos for insurance, Respond to alarm system emergencies, 24/7 Emergency Response

Working with & coordinating services from contractors or handymen can be difficult when away. Some minor items we can take care of for you.  On other larger items, we will handle contacting contractors, receive bids and manage the repairs or services while the owner is able to continue their time away.

property solutions

Lakeside Home Watch also provides multiple PROPERTY SOLUTIONS to assist you.  These services include brush hogging, light/medium dump truck, hauling, tractor, backhoe & grapple work, cleanup, clearing & so much more.  Although we are not equipped with the very large heavy equipment, we do have much of the smaller equipment (up to 50 horsepower) to tackle many of your property service and maintenance needs.      


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Important Points About OUr Services
  • We do require a contract.
  • We accept payment by cash, check, credit card, online payment, etc.
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Monday – Friday: 9am to 4pm
Available outside of business hours at an additional hourly fee

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